Deploy mobile apps, instantly.

Use git push to instantly update React Native apps in production.

Stop waiting weeks to iterate on your app.

Our app distribution platform is trusted by 5,058,715 users and counting.

First, add the AppHub framework to your React Native app.

[AppHub setApplicationId:@"APPLICATION_ID"];
NSBundle *bundle = [AppHub buildManager].currentBuild.bundle;
NSURL *jsCodeLocation = [bundle URLForResource:@"main"

Include our code snippet to connect to AppHub.

Submit to the Apple App Store.

You will only have to submit to Apple when you make major changes to your app.

Then, continuously deploy new builds!

Upload builds with our dashboard.

(or from Travis/CircleCI with our REST API)

We'll deliver new updates to your users.

"AppHub is amazing. Bringing one of the biggest benefits of the web to native! "
- Spencer Wise (Co-Founder at Spero)


Does Apple permit this?

Yes! Section 3.3.2 of the iOS Developer Program explicitly permits this "provided that code does not change the primary or advertised purpose of the Application as submitted to the App Store."

What kinds of updates can I push?

You can make changes to JavaScript code and assets (images, sounds, etc).

Will AppHub slow down my app?

No. AppHub builds are downloaded asynchronously and loaded locally from device storage.

Do I need to use React Native?

Yes, AppHub only supports React Native.

AppHub is open source.

Roll your own server, or use our fully-hosted solution.

Iterate faster.

Release features as soon as they're ready.

Keep your ratings.

AppHub updates won't wipe your 5 star reviews.

Easy staged rollouts.

Deploy new features to a percentage of users.

Get pushing!

Add AppHub to your React Native application in 5 minutes.